Sunday, May 9, 2010


So it's time for me to put that old livejournal to sleep and pick up a chipper new blogspot account from the pound. Seriously, who uses livejournal anymore except Russians and emos? My new blogspot will love me unconditionally. I can take it on walks and play catch with it just like...*sob*...goodbye, faithful livejournal.

My primary purpose in this blog is to have a spot to collect my thoughts and experiences during my six-week ramble through Europe. I plan to continue blogging when I return, but I can hardly promise you pictures of stately castles and quaint pubs in College Park.

Just so the record is straight, this is my tentative itinerary.

May 15: Graduate, move my stuff from my apartment in Grantham, PA to my parent's house in College Park, MD.
May 17: Take a Bolt Bus (which is a great deal BTW) from Greenbelt, MD to Penn Station, NYC. Putz around in New York for a couple hours, then go to Newark Liberty International Airport. Try to sleep in terminal.
May 18: Fly from Newark Liberty to London Heathrow. Should arrive at 8pm London time. Spend night in Katie Wallner's flat in Camden.
May 19: Get a European cell phone in London somewhere. Take a Ryanair carrier from London-Stansted to Kerry Airport in SW Ireland. Get picked up by host family Gerard and Claire O'Connor.
May 20-June 4: Stay and work with the O'Connors on their organic dairy. I met the O'Connors through WWOOF Ireland. Check out for volunteer-tourism opportunities around the world.
June 5-8: Take a train from Tralee, Ireland to Dublin. Stay there for a few days, drink lots of Guinness.
June 9: Ryanair flight from Dublin to Prague. Meet up with Amy Zhou. Hugh, Chad, Ray and Elizabeth all told me that Prague is a great city, so i thought I'd czech it out.
June 9...: This is the part where I have some flexibility. I have a rail pass that will get me almost anywhere in Europe. Right now, the route is looking like Prague-Vienna-Budapest-Ljubljana-Venice-Milan-Marseilles-Barcelona-Valencia-fly back to London although this is subject to change.
July 7: Return to Newark Liberty via London-Heathrow. Go home. Or make a home. Or rest.

That's all for now. I need to start packing up my apartment.


  1. I may have to follow in your footsteps and sign up for that program. I want to go to Europe so badly. Just need that pesky passport.

  2. Make a stop in Berlin if you can.
    Dublin's okay; you have to go there so you can say you've been, but it really isn't that great.

  3. hey, send me your ryanair flight info!

  4. Megan, do it. I'm seriously saving so much money by staying on the farm. It's a more authentic experience too. Plus, since I have my weekends off, I can actually go do touristy things in the small towns in southwest Ireland.